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Imported Foods

The Good Taste Epicurean Food Market Experience

Elevate your plate!


About Us

The Good Taste Epicurean Food Market Experience!


The Greek Philosopher “Epicurus” is known for encouraging people not to eat large meals but to eat food that is the most pleasurable. Good Taste Epicurean Food Market is a specialty food store for people who are serious about cooking and who love to eat.


“Carefully sourced from close-to-home and around-the-world, we bring you culinary delights that will delight your senses, nourish your body and elevate any occasion. Nothing quite satisfies like small-batch, hand-crafted foods. When you discover the difference, you won’t go back.   Visit us today for a true taste sensation”.

Food is increasingly part of the “craft movement” in this country and today’s consumers want their food to be artisanal. Artisanal and craft foods are anything made in small batches rather than mass-produced.


Good Taste market offerings focus on imported and locally sourced artisanal cheese, handmade pasta, baked goods, small batch fresh roasted coffees, artisan cured meats, olives, jams, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, crackers, and gourmet cooking ingredients.


Good Taste Market provides individualized customer service, fresh artisanal quality food and ingredients, and “one-stop” shopping not found in supermarkets, convenience stores or farm markets. 

Cured Meats

World Food Market


Good Taste At Epicuren Food Market


New Products



Featured Products This Month:

Soft Ripened Cheeses featured this month include Murray’s Cheese Fromage Affinois; an imported double cream cheese from France similar to Brie but with lemon, sweet milk and baked bread notes , Melinda Mae; a delicious bloomy rind cheese made by the Mystic Cheese Co of Mystic Connecticut, and a 4 oz square of  Cow and Sheep milk Hudson Valley Camembert by the Old Chatham Sheepherder Company; a perfect cheese to pair with a glass (or two) of white wine

Cured Meat

Cured Meats

Featured Products This Month:

This month we are offering handmade hard salami from the Vermont Salumi of Barre, Vermont in “Garlic and Red Wine”, Smoked Paprika” and “Fennel”. Just in, country style pate “Pig and Fig” Terrine by Smoking Goose Meatery of Indianapolis, Indiana made with uncured pork, dried figs, cinnamon and clove.



Featured Products This Month:

Enjoy our Edward Fallot French mustards in “Tarragon”, “Honey & Balsamic Vinegar”, and “Provincial French” flavors along with our artisan cheeses and handmade cured meats.

When visiting the Market be sure to try  the collection” of preserves by Blake Hill of Windsor Vermont featuring “French Onion with Rosemary”, “Wild Blueberry and Thyme”, “Caramelized Fig” and “Heirloom Apple with Maple Syrup”.

Our many artisan pasta sauces make a delicious meal when combined with one of our small batch handmade pastas by “Pastifica’ of Boulder, Colorado, “Nicoletta Pasta Company” of Nashville, Tennessee or “Scratch Pasta” of Lynchburg, VA

Wine and Cheese

Contact Us

Good Taste Epicurean Food Market 438 Main Street - Suite 6

PO Box 269

Franklin, NY 13775

Phone : (607) 230-4045

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